About Me

Hey! As you probably can see by now, my name is Erik, and yes, it’s spelled with a k! I am currently 18, heading to the University of California, Berkeley, this fall to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). Before college, I lived in Bellevue, Washington, attending Interlake High School within the advanced learning IB Diploma program. With my leisure time, I enjoy spending my minutes away listening to music, watching movies, socializing with people, as well as other activities. I have a passion in STEM, but I’m also a very social person that has a lot of fun doing managerial tasks as well. I also have a very, very big family who I am incredibly grateful for, especially for their consistent love and support in getting me to who I am today! Enough said, you can find out everything else about me on this site! Happy reading!

Questions? Comments? (Or anything else...)
Feel free to reach out to me through the following outlets:
Email: erikjma@hotmail.com
Discord: Erikjma#5712